Top 10 Most Useful Tips And Tricks in Arknights

Arknights, an intricate blend of strategic tower defense and RPG elements, provides a captivating gameplay experience that requires some acclimation. While the game developers have crafted an informative tutorial, there exists a slew of invaluable strategies and tactics that can accelerate your progress in the game.

In this comprehensive 2023 Arknights Novice Guide, we will explore the top 10 indispensable strategies that newcomers should incorporate into their game plans from the onset.

Expend All Your Initial Currency on Acquiring New Characters Immediately

Upon initiating the game, you will be granted a certain quantity of Orundum (the game’s premium currency) as well as numerous operator recruitment permits. It is essential that you utilize these resources promptly to fortify your lineup. No need to conserve for a specific banner; you will accumulate more as the game progresses.

Prioritize the Leveling of Your 3-Star Characters

In Arknights, the conservation and intelligent utilization of upgrade materials are of utmost importance, as these are best saved for characters that truly merit them. Thus, it’s recommended that in the game’s early stages, your focus should be on elevating the levels of your 3-star operators. Even though these characters generally possess lesser stats and weaker abilities, enhancing them can provide significant benefits.

To begin with, the only expenditure involved in elevating them to Elite 1 is a sum of 10,000 Lungmen dollars per character, as they require no material costs. Moreover, the initial combat scenarios in the first few worlds are relatively undemanding, eliminating the need for high-powered characters (however, if you have secured any 6-star characters from banners, by all means, level them up and prioritize their development).

Furthermore, 3-star characters can provide a variety of helpful bonuses for factories, trading posts, and various other base facilities.

Get Ready for Each New Operator Banner

Arknights presents a dynamic roster of character banners that frequently alternate. The game features a “safety net” mechanism that assures you a 5-star character (or higher) for your initial 10 pulls. This is the reason why it is crucial to save enough to make up to 10 pulls on each banner, allowing you to reap this guaranteed reward.

Assemble a Robust “Core” Team

Arknights offers eight distinct classes: Guard, Vanguard, Defender, Medic, Sniper, Specialist, Caster, and Supporter. Each of these categories boasts unique strengths and weaknesses, providing indispensable skills in specific scenarios. As a rule of thumb, it’s beneficial to advance at least two operators from each class. It’s advisable to leave Specialist and Supporter classes for the end since their utilities are primarily “situational”, rendering them less valuable in the initial worlds where your main requirement is damage.

Prioritize Completion of Daily and Weekly Missions

These quests are a rich source of beneficial materials and resources, instrumental in enhancing your base and operators. Make it a point to complete them each time they become accessible.

Progress the Story to Unlock New Features

Aim to swiftly complete the first three worlds; this approach will unlock a plethora of game features. During these tutorial missions, you will familiarize yourself with the various classes and their functions, gaining an understanding of how to strategically use them. Plus, you will earn a handful of operators at no cost.

Expedite the Completion of the Initial Three Worlds

The initial worlds are packed with missions that unlock crucial game features. Here are a few of the vital missions:

  • Mission 0-2: Unlocks two recruitment slots.
  • Mission TR-5: Grants a Comrade slot in combat.
  • Mission 0-10: Unlocks access to the shop.
  • Mission 0-11: Grants access to the Base.
  • Missions 1-1: Unlocks the Control Centre 2.0.
  • Mission 1-5: Unlocks Annihilation Operation.

Strategically Develop Your Base

The base’s facilities are the primary generators of the resources needed to upgrade your operators. Thus, it’s important to commence building and upgrading these as early as feasible. The ideal setup for the base includes four Factories, two Trading Posts, and three Power Plants. This configuration allows for sufficient gold generation for sale at the Trading Posts for Lungmen dollars while also producing a decent amount of experience cards on the side. The need for three Power Plants is non-negotiable for the overall development of your base.

Utilize Practice Tickets to Acquaint Yourself with Maps Prior to Expending Sanity

Each day, you will receive 30 practice tickets. It is highly recommended to use these each time you encounter a new map. Although this may consume some of your time, it will substantially reduce potential sanity waste, especially in the more challenging modes. If you lose a map in normal mode, the loss is just one sanity point; however, if you lose in Challenge mode, half of your invested sanity is depleted.

Upgrade Your Damage Dealers Initially

Support operators such as defenders and medics can wait. Your initial focus should be on upgrading your primary damage dealers: Guards, Snipers, and Casters. While there are exceptions to this rule, they are relatively few. Hence, your gained resources should primarily be allocated towards improving their levels and skills.

Complete Supply Maps at Your Earliest Convenience

Supply maps yield a generous amount of diverse resources necessary for upgrading your operators and building your base. Therefore, strive to accomplish these as promptly as possible.

Summary and FAQ

This comprehensive guide has provided you with the top 10 essential strategies for mastering the Arknights game. Key points include assembling a robust core team, prioritizing completion of daily and weekly missions, progressing swiftly through the story, strategically developing your base, learning new maps using practice tickets, focusing on upgrading your damage dealers, and swiftly completing supply maps.

What should I focus on in the early game of Arknights?

Spend your initial currency on acquiring new characters, prioritize leveling your 3-star characters, and aim to complete the first three worlds as soon as possible.

What is the ideal base setup in Arknights?

The optimal base setup includes four Factories, two Trading Posts, and three Power Plants.

Which operators should I upgrade first in Arknights?

In the early stages, it’s recommended to focus on upgrading your primary damage dealers: Guards, Snipers, and Casters.

What should I do with my practice tickets?

Use practice tickets to familiarize yourself with new maps before spending sanity points.

What are supply maps, and why are they important?

Supply maps provide a wealth of resources necessary for upgrading your operators and constructing your base. It’s advisable to complete them as quickly as possible.

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