Best Arknights Characters Tier List for 2023

Arknights, the much-acclaimed tower defense game, never ceases to evolve. This up-to-the-minute 2023 Arknights tier list includes the premier operators, putting you at a competitive edge in battles. With an array of new operators and consistent game balancing, it can be challenging to keep up with the crème de la crème of characters. Which Arknights operators outshine the rest? Find out more in our detailed Operator Rankings!

Understanding Character Classification by Traits

Arknights has beautifully blended gacha mechanics with tower defense, offering a unique gaming experience with its rich array of characters. The game isn’t about building monotonous fortifications to thwart the enemy. Instead, you are tasked with recruiting operators, each with their distinct specialties, defining their class and ranking in our Best Arknights Operators Tier List for 2023.

The narrative doesn’t end here. Each hero comes with a specific power level and rarity, signified by a distinct number of stars. These Arknights characters, unlocked through the gacha mechanics, can be deployed in the battlefield during gameplay.


To make your team composition decisions smoother, we have opted to categorize this Arknights Tier List based on operator types. This enables you to conveniently swap out your Casters or Snipers with other characters based on your acquired characters.

Ranking of Best Operators in Arknights Tier List 2023

If you’ve perused our Arknights beginner’s guide, you’re already aware of the pivotal role a well-structured team plays in mission success. That said, knowing which operators to include in your team is paramount! It might be tempting to assume that the rarest characters excel the most, but, as we’ll illustrate, this isn’t the only criterion to consider.

We have segregated the characters from each class into five levels in our Arknights tier list:


Tier Description
S Top-tier operators, epitomizing efficiency
A Outstanding operators
B Operators proficient in their designated roles
C Operators capable of fulfilling their roles, albeit not the optimal choice
D Operators to resort to when no alternatives are available

Arknights Tier List – Casters

Casters are the magical powerhouses of your squad. Their abilities make them especially potent against tanks and bosses, dealing either single-target or area of effect (AOE) damage. Although they launch attacks from a distance, it is critical to bear in mind their limited health pool.

Tier Characters
S Carnelian, Ceobe, Dusk, Eyjafjalla, Ifrit, Mostima
A Corroserum, Amiya, Absinthe, Beeswax, Gitano, Leonhardt, Mint, Click
B Skyfire, Greyy, Haze, Lava the Purgatory, Passenger
C Lava, Nightamre, Steward, Tomimi, Leizi
D 12F, Durin

The Pinnacle of Arknights’ Defenders

The Defenders function as the bulwarks of your team, fending off multiple enemies at once to buy time for your other operators to eliminate them. With their vast health reserves, they can withstand numerous hits before being defeated.

Pairing them with one or more Medics makes them virtually invincible. A useful tactic is to position these tanks right behind a Vanguard, allowing the latter to engage enemies for extended periods.

Tier Characters
S Blemishine, Eunectes, Hoshiguma, Liskarm, Mudrock, Nian, Saria
A Asbestos, Ashlock, Bison, Crescent, Cuora, Nearl, Vulcan
B Bubble, Blitz, Dur-Nar, Gummy, Heavyrain, Hung, Matterhorn
C Beagle, Cardigan, Spot
D Black Horn

Arknights Tier List – Guards

Guards offer more versatility than Defenders, delivering substantial damage while also being quite durable. This class encompasses a variety of specialties, from support and magic damage to melee prowess. Here’s how these Arknights characters rank in our tier list:

Tier Characters
S Blaze, Ch’en, Hellagur, Lappland, Mountain, SilverAsh, Skadi, Specter, Surtr, Thorns
A Astesia, Ayerscarpe, Bibeak, Broca, Flint, Franka, Indra, La Pluma, Pallas, Tequila, Utage, Whislish
B Arene, Akafuyu, Beehunter, Conviction, Cutter, Estelle, Flamebringer, Frostleaf, Jackie, Matoimaru, Melantha, Mousse, Savage, Sideroca
C Castle-3, Midnight, Popukar, Swire
D Dobermann

The Elite Medics in Arknights

Unsurprisingly, Medics are the healers of your team. Despite their fragility, their healing abilities ensure that your other operators can maintain their lines without faltering, making them essential support for your Defenders.

Tier Characters
S Kal’tsit, Shining, Silence, Warfarin
A Ceylon, Nightingale, Perfumer, Ptilopsis, Whisperain
B Breeze, Folinic, Gavial, Mulberry, Myrrh, Sussurro, Tuye
C Ansel, Hibiscus, Lancet-2

Arknights Tier List – Snipers

Snipers uniquely focus their attack on airborne enemies. Despite their capacity to deal substantial damage quickly, their health remains vulnerable. Positioned correctly, Snipers emerge as a formidable strike force. The S-tier in this ranking demonstrates extraordinary combat effectiveness.

Tier Characters
S Archetto, Exusiai, Rosa, Rosmontis, Schwarz, W
A Andreana, Ash, Blue Poison, Firewatch, Flametta, GreyThroat, Meteorite, Pinecone, Platinum, Provence
B Aciddrop, Aosta, April, Executor, May, Sesa, Shirayuki, Toddifons, Vermeil
C Ambriel, Catapult, Fartooth, Jessica, Kroos, Meteor
D Adnachiel, Rangers

Arknights Tier List – Supporters

Supporters are a class that, while not essential, bring useful assistance to a team. Besides aiding other operators with a variety of buffs and tools, they also have the capacity to slow or weaken enemies. Hence, if applied well, they can make a significant difference.

Tier Characters
S Angelina, Magallan, Scene, Shamare, Suzuran
A Glaucus, Istina, Mayer, Pramanix, Sora, Skadi the Corrupting Heart
B Deepcolor, Podenco, Roberta, Tsukinogi
C Earthspirit, Orchid

Arknights Tier List – Specialists

Specialists, akin to Supporters, aren’t indispensable for a team. Nevertheless, their control capabilities and the debuffs they inflict on enemies can buy you crucial time on certain maps.

Tier Characters
S Aak, Phantom, Projekt Red, Weedy, Gladiia
A Cliffheart, Ethan, FEater, Frost, Gravel, Jaye, Kafka, Manticore, Mizuki, Mr. Nothing, Robin
B Rope, Snowsant, Shaw, Waai Fu

The Optimal Vanguards to Deploy at the Outset

Vanguards serve as the linchpin of your team. Their notably low deployment cost ensures they’re the first on the battlefield. Plus, they generate deployment points, which are rapidly expended, offering resources necessary for deploying new, more potent units. However, you can swap them out for stronger operators towards the end of the match.


Tier Characters
S Bagpipe, Elysium, Myrtle, Saga, Siege
A Flametail, Reed, Saileach, Texas, Vigna, Zima
B Chiave, Courier, Grani, Scavenger
C Beanstalk, Fang, Plume, Vanilla
D Yato

Choosing the Best Arknights Characters for Your Composition

As evident, team composition is crucial in Arknights. It’s not sufficient to have a balanced distribution of classes; you also need to prioritize picking the best characters whenever possible.

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