Arknights Tips for Beginners / New Players

Dive headfirst into the captivating world of Arknights – a strategic tower defense game teeming with unique heroes, engaging gameplay, and intricate mechanics. As a commander, you’ll assemble a diverse squad of operatives, each equipped with distinct abilities and roles. But victory is not merely a matter of strength – it requires strategy, knowledge of your units, and an understanding of your adversaries. This comprehensive guide aims to arm novices with the essential tips and strategies needed to navigate through this immersive gaming universe. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery and improvement, all in the name of securing your victories!

Beiginners Tips for New Player

Initiate the Account Roll

Right off the bat in Arknights, you’re granted the opportunity to acquire a minimum of one 6-star character – a guarantee you can take full advantage of. If the result isn’t up to your expectations, consider deleting the game and creating a fresh account to take another stab at securing a superior warrior. This tactic is commonly known as a reroll.

Forge Friendships

As you establish a room for evidence collection at your base, begin your quest to seek companions without delay. The essence of this game hinges on promptly assembling as large a roster of friends as you can. Comrades are beneficial not only in tackling tough missions but also in gathering evidence. Stuck without any friends and find the missions with random assistants tediously long? Fret not. Simply add random players to your friends’ list. This can be achieved by navigating to a designated menu under the Friends – Add section and entering any usernames into the chat box. It’s not only an efficient way to progress, but it’s also enjoyable.

Harmonious Growth

Avoid pouring all your resources into developing a single hero. Imagine having a beloved guard – without the assistance of a healer, snipers, casters, and defenders, they won’t be able to withstand an onslaught from formidable foes. When each character in your lineup is potent, you’re inherently formidable as a collective unit – which is the crux of it all.

Pay Heed to the Classes

The division of operatives into distinct classes is no arbitrary choice – every class has a bearing on your triumph. While the contributions of supports and specialists may not seem evident initially, even at the novice level, these classes confer significant advantages in particular scenarios. It’s almost impossible to survive a complete level without medics – and a single medic is unlikely to suffice. So why not bring along a pair? Snipers are excellent – at times, indispensable – for taking down airborne threats. Casters, on the other hand, are adept at combatting armored enemies.

Adept Base Management

All operatives, irrespective of how trivial they may appear to you, can find a role within your base. It’s crucial to constantly check their morale and make timely substitutions. Don’t overlook the unique effects highlighted by the game to derive maximum benefits from your Operators. In the workshop, always utilize the hero best suited for the ongoing task, which is dictated by the type of material you’re currently crafting.

Mastering through Execution

Sometimes, conquering the most daunting levels comes down to devising a strategic plan for your units’ placement. Arknights gameplay hinges on continually adapting your troop lineup. If the first wave involves speedy adversaries and drones, deploy Vanguards for resource generation and inexpensive setup, and snipers for aerial control. Encountering a wave of minor foes? A caster with area damage is your best bet. Should your Opera start faltering, you’ll need a medic pronto. If the forthcoming wave packs a punch, it’s wise to switch out Vanguards for Guards and Defenders and introduce another healer. Facing armored enemies? Swap your sniper for an additional caster. It’s imperative to continually monitor enemy arrivals and modify your formation accordingly. All these changes should be premeditated, ensuring units are ready to step in when necessary.

For this, you’ll require practice tickets. You can replay any level in practice mode. Although these tickets aren’t infinite, it’s worth spending 5-6 tickets on challenging levels to gauge your proficiency. Prior to embarking on a mission, it’s beneficial to examine the map and familiarize yourself with potential foes.

Understanding Your Operatives

Of all the advice listed here, understanding the nuances of your hero’s abilities is paramount. Make it a priority to delve into their traits, both passive and active skills. Tailoring tactics to your unique lineup can be challenging, but the game offers easily digestible information – it’s just a matter of paying attention to your Operas. Consider factors like cost, redeployment speed, enemy blocking capacity, and any unique characteristics when forming your squad. Thoughtlessly picking your squad members is not a recommended approach. Moreover, keep a keen eye on which characters you employ during a mission.

You might realize that an extra medic, though beneficial on paper, is redundant on your current map due to lack of use. On the other hand, a couple of additional melee fighters could make all the difference. Walking this path of strategic understanding is undoubtedly the most reliable, correct, and gratifying route to victory.


How do I improve my squad’s strength in Arknights?

Balancing the development of all your characters, understanding their traits, active and passive skills, and managing them appropriately during battles are key to enhancing your squad’s strength.

Can I complete the game without having to reroll?

Absolutely. While rerolling can provide an early-game advantage, it’s not necessary for progression. Arknights is a strategy-based game, so your success depends largely on how you manage your units, not just their rarity.

How important is it to have friends in Arknights?

Establishing friendships within the game is beneficial. Friends can aid in completing challenging missions and gather evidence, and they can also be added to your squad as random assistants, which can offer additional help during missions.

How can I effectively manage my base in Arknights?

Efficient base management requires monitoring the morale of your operatives and swapping them out as needed. Each operative can contribute in some way, so utilize them effectively within your base.

What’s the role of classes in Arknights?

Classes are crucial in Arknights. Each class brings unique abilities that can be pivotal in tackling various challenges. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each class can greatly enhance your battle strategies.

How can I best use my practice tickets?

Practice tickets allow you to replay any level in practice mode. They are particularly useful for testing strategies on challenging levels and familiarizing yourself with different maps and enemy types.

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