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Unlocking your desired hero in Arknights is a breeze with the help of our recruitment calculator. This efficient tool assists you in discerning which tags to select. A user-friendly version of this calculator can be observed below:

Once the recruitment timer is initiated, you are presented with a series of 5 tags in a random sequence. Understanding which tags will yield the most effective fighter requires a simple click on our link. In the top-right corner of the page, specify the server you’re currently playing on and your preferred language. Given the lack of a Russian language option, it is advisable to select English, as our explanation of the calculator’s functionality will be provided in this language.

At the heart of the interface, you are to select the 5 tags you received, then sift through and choose the most advantageous combination. Afterward, all that’s left is to return to the game and apply these selected tags.

Arknights Recruitment Calculator

Arknight Recuitment Tag Filter / Calculator is a helpfull tool for new players who want to explore all possible character builds in a easy way:

Arknight Recruitment Tag Filter

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Tool Details

Designed to empower Doctors in promptly discerning what Operators are obtainable from their current pool of five tags in Recruitment, this tool is an indispensable ally. For rapid recognition, options to display only 4★ and upwards or 5★ and upwards combinations are readily available!

Be advised that there’s a chance for tags to be crossed out. However, rest assured that the Top Operator tag will remain uncrossed if the time is set to a 9-hour window. Operators denoted with an asterisk (*) are unique in that additional copies of them can solely be attained via Recruitment.

Additionally, your Recruitment Tags can be disseminated to others! All it takes is a few simple steps: Select your Tags, copy the updated URL, and then paste it to the individual you wish to share with or seek advice from! This feature fosters collaboration and strategy-sharing amongst Arknights’ players.

Interpreting Calculator Icons

Qualification: This feature displays three distinct indicators:

Starter:  These are heroes ranging from 1 to 4 stars. Senior Operator – This indicates 5-star heroes. Top Operator – These represent the 6-star fighters. Position – This distinguishes between Melee (hand-to-hand combat) and Ranged (distance combat) heroes.

Class:  This category enumerates all the various hero classes available in the game.

Affix (set of skills):  This section merits further examination, especially for readers unfamiliar with such games, as it could be a bit tricky to navigate.

Tag Name Description
Healing Heroes with restorative abilities, capable of healing themselves or team members
Support Heroes that assist allies, for instance, by augmenting attack speed (buff)
DPS Damage Per Second – a measure of your character’s attack potency. Higher DPS equals more damage
AoE Area Of Effect. This refers to any passive or active ability aimed at inflicting damage or area effects
Survival The higher this value, the longer your fighter will remain on the battlefield, combining HP, protection, and armor
Defense One of the primary character attributes. Higher defense reduces the damage a character takes in battle
Debuff Negative effects that can be applied to an enemy, such as slowing attack speed, weakening defense, etc.
Shift The hero’s ability to move the enemy. Especially effective on maps with pitfalls
Crowd Control The ability to slow down opponents on the battlefield
Nuker Fighters capable of unleashing multiple types of attacks almost simultaneously, usually mages
Summon Heroes that can summon additional entities like spirits or animals to fight on their side
Fast-Redeploy Heroes that quickly enter a position, apply a control effect on the enemy, and return to the starting point
DP-Recovery Heroes that restore operator ability points and provide additional Deployment Point for more fighters in battle
Robot Heroes that are robotic in nature

Arknights Recruitment Guide

In the vibrant world of Arknights, aspiring Doctors have two primary pathways to enlist new Operators. The first approach is through Headhunting, a customary gacha mechanism that employs premium currency and tickets to summon a random array of allies. The second strategy, known as Recruitment, engages a Recruitment Ticket and LMD, allowing players to obtain an Operator that aligns with their specific inputs. Impressively, even 6* Operators can be procured through this method!

Mastering Recruitment Strategy

In Arknights, effective Recruitment hinges on an astute selection of Tag combinations that guarantee either a high-rarity Operator, or a specific Operator that the player is targeting. Upon identifying a desired combination, setting the Recruitment Time to the maximum 9 hours is advised to decrease the likelihood of losing a Tag. Details on tags that ensure recruitment-only Operators, as well as combinations that secure 4*s or above, are provided later in this guide.

In situations where no Tag set ensures a desired Operator, players can conserve LMD on recruitment costs by adjusting the Recruitment Time to 7:40:00. This is the shortest timeframe that assures at least a 3*. For recruiting Robots, the time should be adjusted to 3:50:00, the longest duration that doesn’t eliminate 1* Operators.

Senior and Top Operator are uncommon Tags that promise high rarity Operators. Prioritizing these when they appear and opting for the maximum Recruitment Period minimizes the chance of these Tags being dropped.

Constructing the HR Office in your base avails the chance to re-roll Recruitment Tags and unlocks additional Recruitment slots, up to a total of 4. Most players, however, will find 2 Recruitment slots adequate. Always assess the opportunity cost of upgrading the HR Office before implementation. The “Recruit 3 Times” mission can be fulfilled with expedited plans if required, and do pace your use of Recruitment Tickets to ensure you have 3 available each day!

For early game players, if your Tag combination doesn’t guarantee a 4-star or above, try to optimize the potentials of your lower rarity Operators. Take note that Tags ensuring the Robots (Lancet-2 and Castle-3) are relatively scarce. Therefore, until their potential is maximized, you might opt to recruit one of them over a 4* already at maximum potential, albeit this could lead to sub-optimal resource use.

When a new Operator enters the recruitable pool, all existing Recruitment Tags will be refreshed. Hence, it’s impossible to reserve a Top Operator or Senior Operator tag for a future unit. Players are advised to utilize these Tags as they obtain them.

The outcome of a recruitment is confined to the pool of Operators available at the start of the recruitment. An Operator added to the pool during recruitment cannot be obtained through that recruitment.

Guidelines for Operator Recruitability

In Arknights, some Operators are exclusively obtainable through Recruitment, while others are unrecruitable. Such information can be located in the “Obtain Approach” section of the respective Operator pages.

Recruitment-only Operators

Since certain Operators can only be recruited, Vulcan becomes a high priority, provided the appropriate Tags are available to ensure her recruitment. When there’s no guarantee of recruiting a 4-star or above, players might opt for tags that increase the chance of acquiring Purestream, Estelle, Indra, or Vulcan. These Operators, along with their rarity and tags, are listed accordingly.

Unrecruitable Operators

Several Operators cannot be recruited. These include:

  • Any Operator introduced after the game’s launch and not explicitly added to the recruitment list.
  • Any Operator that players received free during an event.

Guaranteed Tag Combinations

Until you memorize tag combinations, the Recruitment filter tool is an excellent resource to ensure you don’t overlook any high-rarity guarantees. Simply select your 5 Tags, and it will display the potential Operators for the available tag combinations!

Top Operator: Guaranteed Recruitable 6★

When paired with the Top Operator Tag, the tag combinations listed in the following table guarantee the specific stated 6★ (provided none of the Tags get crossed out).

It’s crucial to note that the Top Operator Tag will not be crossed out once selected, as long as the Recruitment Time is set to 9 hours and there isn’t a conflicting Tag (like Starter).

Tag Appearance and Rarity Rates

The game doesn’t publicly disclose the appearance rate of Tags or Tag Combinations, nor the rates of recruiting high-rarity Operators. For the most insightful data collection analysis to discern the rates.

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