Arknights PR-A-1 Battle Guide (Defender & Medic Chips)

The Arknights Defender and Medic Chip Strategy

One of the challenging aspects of this particular mission is dealing with a damaging poison cloud. This environmental factor constantly inflicts harm on your units over time.

This comprehensive article will analyze the gameplay visually, breaking it down step-by-step and providing insight into the logic behind my maneuvers. In addition, I’ll offer tips on alternative strategies you could adopt.

The primary elements to consider here revolve around these four golden principles:

  1. Position Tanks at the Front of the Gate Supported by Core Healers
  2. Set ShiraYuki to Sweep the Right Side
  3. Ensure your 2 Core Tanks and ShiraYuki Survive with Healers’ Support
  4. Employ Remaining Guards as Temporary Shield Units. Their role is to momentarily fend off attacks, reducing the enemy count, thus preventing your main tanks from being overwhelmed.

The suggested team consists of 7 x Lv 1’s and a few higher level units without promotion. Cardigan stands out as the only promoted unit, though promotion isn’t a necessity here. The primary focus is that my principal two tanks can accomplish Block +3.

This team composition is one that anyone can construct.

Part 1: Map Strategy

The crucial focus points on the map are the two Red Crosses situated at the gate’s forefront. This is the ideal location for your top two Defenders, preferably with +3 Blocks. I placed Cardigan and Cuora in these spots. (Please note that the Red Crosses will be more prominent in the subsequent image).

Alternative Tactics: If you lack Cuora or Cardigan, it’s essential to focus on the numbers game on this map. So long as you aren’t overrun, you’re good to go. Thus, ensure that your tanks have the capacity to +3 Block. Neither Cuora nor Cardigan is imperative; they were simply my preferred choice due to their levels, and I designated them as my primary tanks. If you have a Cuora advanced to Elite 1, she can block even 4 units, though the Cuora I deployed in this strategy isn’t promoted.

Part 2: Implementing Healers

Red Cross = Core Tanks Blue Cross = Healers; in my game, I opted for Gummy, who can contribute to blocking +2 units while concurrently casting heals. Please note that there’s a toxic aura on this map, causing all your operators to incur damage over time.

Alternative Tactics: Once more, we find ourselves in a situation where the exact units are not as important as their functions. Gummy is an MVP due to her dual ability to block and heal, making her a great asset, but other healers will suffice too. My other healer, Gavial, was chosen merely for her aesthetic appeal. Thus, any healer should work perfectly in this scenario.

Part 3: A Touch of Damage Makes a Difference

Given that the left side is guarded by Gummy +2 and Cardigan +3, the right side seems somewhat frail in comparison. This is where ShiraYuki steps in, assisting in the elimination of some units and ensuring that Cuora isn’t overwhelmed.

Alternative Tactics: While ShiraYuki performs admirably due to her AoE splash and extensive range, any operator can fulfil this role. Units like Kroos, Jessica, or even Amiya can be useful – as long as they can take out a few enemies, it’s a significant assistance.

P.S. Remember that your damage dealer will require healing due to the toxic aura. Thus, make sure to station a healer nearby.

Part 4: Building Your Arsenal with One Unit Allowance Remaining

Gray Cross = Lance-2. Note that Lance-2, the robot, only costs 3 dp and doesn’t contribute to the unit limit, acting as a free healer. However, don’t deploy him too early in the game as his healing is relatively weak and he may end up being defeated, hence why he’s introduced as late as part 4.

Additional Blue Cross: At this juncture, I’ve finally deployed my levelled healer, Silence. Now that I have my core build set up, I decided to add my strongest healer, also ensuring my damage dealer could receive healing before falling to the poison.

You now have one remaining unit allowance. This is where we revisit our initial priorities. Your final unit essentially becomes your sacrificial unit. Your team is established, but should someone require help, you send out your guards, either to Cuora’s right or to replace Gummy’s position. Your mission is to ensure that Cuora and Cardigan don’t get overwhelmed. If they can block 3 units but 4 are incoming, then deploy a tank to handle one. If he falls, he falls, and you simply deploy another.

Let’s recap the priorities:

  1. Position Tanks at the Front of the Gate Supported by Core Healers
  2. Set ShiraYuki to Sweep the Right Side
  3. Ensure Your 2 Core Tanks and ShiraYuki Survive with Healers’ Support
  4. Deploy Remaining Guards as Temporary Shield Units. They’re there to momentarily fend off attacks, reducing the enemy count, and preventing your main tanks from being overwhelmed.

Congratulations! You should now have successfully achieved a 3-star rating on the mission and can auto-play it.

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