Arknights Operation 5-3 Complete Guide

The Onslaught of Lungmen Forces

As the formidable nation mobilizes their anti-arts brigade for a large-scale offensive, our task is to halt this onslaught at its very heart. We must ensure not a single enemy bypasses our defenses, and no opponents remain standing. A hearty shoutout to Doctor Eckogen for creating a viable strategy using low-tier units. This guide is crafted on the foundations of that video, offering players a comprehensive understanding of deploying their units based on this strategy.

Understanding the Battlefield

At first, the map might appear intimidating. It comprises two vulnerable zones located on opposite ends with various paths leading to them. However, an important detail is that all enemy units will, at some point, traverse through the 12 tiles encompassing the two central spawn points.

Anticipating the Adversaries

There are two vital pieces of information players need to bear in mind:

  1. The units in this stage display resilience against Arts damage. They have low Defense, making them highly susceptible to physical damage.
  2. Upon emerging from the two central spawn points, enemy units will stay stationary for a few seconds before they start moving.

Assembling Your Team

2 Vanguards (V1, V2):

The choice of Vanguards is left to the players’ discretion. Their principal objectives are to generate DP and eliminate newly spawned enemies.

2 Medics (M1, M2):

Single-target Medics are a valuable asset in this stage; they will be the primary recipients of enemy fire.

2 Guards (G1, G2):

Single-target Physical Guards are needed to dish out damage swiftly and eliminate enemy units one by one, either as they spawn or during their attack on defenders. The well-developed G1 forms the crux of this strategy.

2 Defenders (D1, D2):

One of the defenders must be equipped to withstand hits from enemies dealing high physical damage. Units like Beagle, Cuora, and Liskarm are ideal for this role. The second defender role is flexible. Healer defenders are recommended due to their innate Arts Resistance that minimizes damage from the caster Arts shots, and their healing ability assists the medic in keeping D1 and S1 alive.

2 Snipers (S1, S2):

Single-target Physical Snipers will ease the completion of this stage. They can provide supporting fire to eliminate enemy units in tandem with the vanguards and guards. Additionally, they can inflict minor damage on the casters hastening their downfall.

2 Flex Picks (Fp1, Fp2):

Although there are suitable picks for these roles, players have the freedom to deploy almost any Physical Damage Melee Operators, including their favorites, to help clear the stage. This flexibility to incorporate personal strategies with flair is what adds to the game’s enjoyment!

Doctor Eckogen’s “Low Stars All Stars Team” features Fang, Vanilla, Plume, Kroos, Adnachiel, Vigna, Spot, Hibiscus, Beagle, Gavial, and Popukar as illustrated below. These units can be easily acquired through recruitment and in-store purchases. His approach demonstrates the realm of possibilities – it’s about painting the canvas of this stage using the boundless imagination within the vast sea of our minds.

Strategic Execution

As the stage commences, adversaries will appear from the south central spawn point, accompanied by four casters positioned at the map’s corner. Initially, deploy V1 and V2 facing the southern adjacent tile of the spawn point. As the enemy units emerge, the vanguards will catch them off guard, leaving them no opportunity for counterattack.

Next, deploy G1 to deal with the caster in the southeast. If G1 falls short of eliminating the caster, leverage Fp1 or Fp2 for support, then retreat. The same tactic will be employed to neutralize the northwestern caster later on.

The ensuing wave will approach from the north central spawn point. To brace for this, deploy M1 on the southeastern tile facing north, followed by S1 facing west. Backing up S1 will be G2 and D1, positioned facing the northern adjacent tile of the spawn point.

Subsequently, position D2 on the tile sandwiched between S1 and M1. D2’s role is crucial to absorb multiple hits from the caster, ensuring your sniper’s survival.

When the kill count reaches 19, the northern casters will start moving. Position G1 to intercept the northwestern caster and execute the earlier strategy to eliminate the caster. The northeastern caster will target the two defenders, with S1 poised to neutralize them.

Upon removal of the northwestern caster, retreat the units involved and deploy S2 on the northwestern ranged tile, facing south.

As you enter the operation’s next phase, retreat V1 to avoid potential casualties and position Fp1 behind V2. This will fortify the southern defense and eliminate the advancing casters. Once V2 absorbs a few hits, retreat them before they suffer lethal damage.

At this point, the southwestern mage will advance. Deploy M2 on the southwestern ranged tile, facing north. Next, position Fp2 directly south of S2, facing east. This strategy should be effective in eliminating the advancing mage. A fresh wave will surge from the northeastern spawn location; position G1 behind D1 to block the attack. After the mage has been dispatched, retreat M2 and Fp2.

In the operation’s final stages, deploy V1 behind the two Axe enemies at the north. Utilize skills as needed, and the stage is successfully completed. Best of luck with the execution, Doctor!

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