Arknights Map Guide: All Stages Activities and Tasks Location

Currently, five chapters have been rolled out in Arknights, each presenting its own array of challenges. As the game evolves, new chapters are anticipated to be launched via updates. Every chapter in Arknights comprises a series of levels, or stages, and successful completion of these stages unlocks the subsequent chapter. Each stage, however, demands energy expenditure. The further you delve into the chapters, the more costly it becomes to navigate the stages.

Energy, known as “saniti,” is progressively replenished at a rate of one unit every six minutes. As you level up in the game, you’ll gain an amount of energy equivalent to your level limit. Moreover, with each level, your energy cap increases by one. Special in-game events may occasionally offer additional means of replenishing your saniti supply, such as letters with food.

Type of Stages in Arknights

In Arknights, three distinct types of stages punctuate the game:

Storyline Stages

These stages are characterized by the interweaving of character dialogues at the beginning and end. As you navigate through them, the overarching narrative of the game incrementally unfolds. Although some dialogues offer answer options, your choice doesn’t impact the storyline. These dialogues can be bypassed and revisited at any convenient time.

Training Stages

Unlike other stages, no energy expenditure is required here. Your team is preassembled, with the stage serving as a tutorial to introduce you to certain rules and strategies of the game. Hence, it’s advisable to peruse all the information presented during these stages and master the teachings. For instance, it’s worth noting that adversaries typically target the most recently deployed unit within their line of sight.

Auxiliary Stages

Denoted by the suffix ‘S,’ these stages do not contain any story or training elements. Instead, they present opportunities to amass essential resources for leveling up.

After successfully traversing a stage, you will need to expend energy to revisit it. Earning a 3-star rating on a stage unlocks the autoboy feature, which replicates your most recent successful strategy. This hands-off approach allows the game’s system to control your progress based on your previous play, though you have the liberty to assume control at any point.

As you progress, your soldiers will undergo enhancements, altering their deployment cost and attributes. This, in turn, can shift the dynamics of the stages. Sometimes, the bottom of the screen might display a yellow notification, highlighting disparities with your past playthroughs. As you continue your journey, you’ll unlock the ability to challenge yourself with more difficult stages. These stages mirror the original ones but pit you against substantially more formidable opponents.


Energy in Arknights is a precious commodity, one that you’ll want to manage strategically. As an alternative to energy expenditure when attempting to navigate a tricky stage, the game offers plans. You receive 30 plans each day, which can be utilized in place of energy. Bear in mind, though, that stages cleared using plans do not officially count as ‘passed’. Nevertheless, they provide a valuable opportunity to scrutinize your adversaries and formulate battle tactics.

Additional Pursuits

Supply Runs

These missions are treasure troves for a diverse range of resources, such as experience points, currency, resumes, red certificates, and base improvement materials. Each type of resource has five levels of increasingly challenging stages, with correspondingly larger rewards.

Chip Acquisitions

Chips are integral materials required for upgrading your Elite Operators 1 and 2. They are collected from stages, with two potential classes of chips up for grabs. The victorious outcome of these stages bestows one randomly chosen chip from the two available. Stages for collecting chips and resources become accessible on specific days as indicated at the bottom of the stage tabs, with the exception of experience stages, which are perpetually available.

Annihilation Missions

These stages pit you against a swarm of 400 enemies determined to infiltrate the blue zone. Unlike regular stages, deploy points aren’t automatically replenished here, making Vanguard skills essential. Depending on your elimination count, you’ll be rewarded with Orundum and a partial energy refund if the level wasn’t fully completed. However, there’s a cap on how much Orundum you can amass from these stages, initially set at 1200 units per week. Additional rewards can also be earned for successful stage completion.


Daily and Weekly Tasks

These tasks award tokens which can be exchanged for valuable rewards. Story-driven Tasks – These tasks entail completing levels or carrying out previously unperformed actions. Pinboard Tasks – A collection of nine tasks, each offering individual rewards upon completion. Successfully accomplishing all nine earns a grand prize. These tasks become accessible as you progress through the story campaign.

Depot Management

The Depot tab, found at the bottom right corner of your screen, houses all the items you’ve acquired throughout your journey. Some items, however, are time-sensitive and will disappear from your inventory after a specified period. Be sure to utilize these resources effectively before they expire.

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