Arknights Advance Guide for Building a Base

Arknights, a popular tower defense RPG game, has recently been creating quite a buzz in the mobile gaming world. With its standout attributes, it offers a refreshing change from the usual mobile games like PUBG clones and RPGs akin to Fate: GO. If you’re not already playing it, chances are, it has piqued your interest.

Your base within Arknights can generally be sectioned into four core components:

  1. Production
  2. Residential Complex
  3. Auxiliary Rooms
  4. Control Center


The initial task is to construct these rooms, for which you’ll require Reinforced Building Material and Drones.

Power Plant

The Power Plant – a quintessential energy room, supplies your base with the vital energy it necessitates. As you construct additional rooms and enhance existing ones, your energy consumption elevates. Drones, essential for room improvement and construction, replenish here.


The Factory is your hub for manufacturing a variety of items such as experience cards, gold bars, chips for elite 6-star heroes, and Originum at your discretion. Upgrading this room will unlock the ability to produce more items. Primarily, you will be manufacturing gold for future trade at the Trading Post. Over time, orders for gold bars will start appearing in the Trading Post. The number of orders and the value of gold elevate as you upgrade the trading post. Once you hit the third level, you’ll be able to scout orders for Originum, which can be swapped for Orundum. However, considering the high production cost of Originum, it’s recommended to refrain from trading it early in the game.

Operating these rooms necessitates workers – your operatives. Each operative provides unique bonuses that can enhance room performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to evaluate which operatives are the most suitable for each room before placement. Choose those with the most beneficial bonuses.

Once you select an operative for a room, the system automatically filters out the heroes best suited for that room. Initially, all characters come with a single bonus, but acquiring new ranks (elites) unveils additional ones. As your heroes work, they deplete their morale. Room information specifies how long they can continue working. Once their working capacity hits zero, they become ineffective. To recharge morale, you need to place your operatives in the Dormitory. A handy timer here shows the time needed for complete rest. The speed of morale recovery can be expedited either by enhancing the dormitory itself or employing operatives who possess that capability.

Furnishing the Dormitory can enhance the atmosphere, offering a boost to morale recovery rates. You can craft your furniture utilizing nuts from your collection. Complete furniture, although uncraftable, may be acquired through card draws with a stroke of luck. Be mindful that Dormitories have an atmospheric cap; surpassing it allows for additional furniture placement, but no further boost to morale recovery will occur. This limit can be elevated by upgrading the room.

Reception Room

The Reception Room serves as your hub for evidence collection, which totals to seven pieces. One way to acquire these is by assigning operatives to search for them, eventually yielding one random piece of evidence. Alternatively, you receive one piece of evidence with the dawn of each new day. Once you’ve amassed all seven pieces, you can activate them. A day post-activation, you’ll receive credits that can be utilized in the shop. Any friends visiting you during this period will receive a one-time credit bonus of 30.

Evidence can also be gifted to friends, rewarding both the giver and recipient with credits. It’s advantageous to share all your evidence with friends. Keep in mind that the acquired evidence remains valid for ten days. Orange circles on a friend’s avatar in your comrades list signify that the ally has activated evidence, enabling you to garner your credits by visiting them.


The Workshop is your go-to locale for crafting valuable items from ordinary materials or disassembling them into pieces for furniture. Resources for the shop can be collected without hero involvement. However, stationing a hero in the room might yield additional materials during production. Certain resources can be collected freely, while others carry a hefty price tag. Assembling with a character also consumes morale, the quantity of which is indicated in the production information.

The Workshop necessitates initial upgrading, as high-level materials cannot be crafted otherwise. The resources needed for crafting materials can be obtained through special missions, which are not available daily.

The Office serves as the charging hub for tag replacement during recruitment. Once fully charged, you can refresh all five tags once. Prioritizing its leveling can enhance your chances of obtaining guaranteed 6-Star Operators through recruitment.


The Gym is where you train your operatives’ skills once they’ve reached level 7. Here, you should assign a coach in the class you desire to train, select a hero for training and a skill to develop. Each skill needs to be trained separately. Special resources are also required (refer to the training information for the recipe). It is advisable to build and upgrade this room last, as it doesn’t provide any benefits until you’ve accumulated enough rare materials to train heroes.

Control Center

The Control Center is where you can assign your favorite heroes as assistants, leading to an increase in trust points. The appointed heroes will provide updates on the base’s activities over the past three days. Additionally, you can assign operatives here who provide bonuses to the entire base.

The pace of base development is heavily reliant on drones, which replenish over time. Thus, whenever possible, it is imperative to build new rooms or upgrade existing ones for rapid base development and to garner maximum benefits at the earliest.

Wondering what rooms to construct? We recommend:

  • 2 Trading Posts
  • 4 Factories
  • 3 Power Plants

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