Arknights complete Operator Guide for New Players

Welcome to our comprehensive Arknights guide, tailored specifically for new players. Whether you’ve just set foot in the realm of Arknights or are seeking to deepen your understanding of the game, this guide is a treasure trove of vital information. We unravel the mechanisms of acquiring and upgrading operatives, dissect the details of operator stats, and uncover the nuances that make this game truly engaging. As you delve into this guide, you’ll discover powerful tactics, valuable insights, and practical tips to catapult your journey in Arknights to new heights of triumph and enjoyment.

Operator Classes

There are 8 classes of operator in Arknights:


These operators are your frontline defense, stalling initial enemy waves. Intriguingly, their abilities allow them to generate the necessary deployment points to assemble your team on the battlefield. This feature is critical in certain maps where deployment points are scarce or non-replenishing (for instance, in Annihilation). Vanguards are classified into two categories: those who accumulate deployment points via their primary skill and can hold off two adversaries simultaneously, and those who gain points through successful kills, but can only block a single foe. The latter also possesses the unique advantage of refunding the entire landing cost, while the former, and all other classes, only refund half.


These bear striking similarities to Vanguards, but they possess greater vitality at the expense of reduced defense. They can obstruct 1 to 2 units simultaneously. Additionally, they have a diverse skill set which includes long-range attacks, aerial attacks, magical damage infliction, and simultaneous attacks on all blocked enemies.


These operatives strategically positioned along the perimeters of the map or in secluded locations, perform ranged physical attacks. Aerial units always attract their attention first. Some snipers exhibit capabilities for area-wide magical damage.


These are the impenetrable walls of your setup, capable of blocking up to three enemies concurrently. They boast high health and defense stats, albeit a sluggish and weak attack. Their skill repertoire comprises shields for enhanced defense and self or allied health restoration abilities.


These operators provide healing to allies, and some even confer positive effects on your squad. There are two types of medics: those who prioritise healing the most injured ally and those capable of healing up to three operators simultaneously albeit with reduced healing potency. It’s worth noting that Medics’ attack rates translate to healing rates, as they lack attack capabilities.


The spellcasters of Arknights, Casters, function similarly to Snipers but deliver magic damage instead, proving effective against armored adversaries. They can be categorized into single-target attackers and area-of-effect damage inflictors.


Similar to Casters but with reduced damage output, Supports possess the unique ability to slow down enemies. Some do not have attack capabilities, focusing instead on buffing teammates or debuffing enemies.


This class exhibits a range of unique skills, as each operator brings their own distinct abilities to the table. These include the capability to repel enemies, attract adversaries towards themselves, or swiftly rejoin the battlefield a mere 10 seconds after an attack. Furthermore, their deployment cost is relatively low.


How to Acquire Operatives in Arknights?

So, you’re curious about how to get your hands on more operatives in Arknights. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can do just that.

Gacha System

This is a lottery-like system where operatives can be randomly acquired for 600 Orundums per try. Whether you’re pulling for 1 hero or 10 at once, there’s no disparity. Banner pulls highlight the operatives that have higher drop rates. You can dive into the details to understand the drop rates for operatives of different rarities.

There’s a fascinating feature for acquiring a 6-star hero in each banner. If you’re unlucky and don’t get a 6-star operative within 50 attempts, each subsequent try boosts your chances of acquiring one by 2%. This percentage can surge to a whopping 100%, assuring you a coveted 6-star operative. Importantly, this counter is not exclusive to a single banner and doesn’t reset at the end of the banner time. It carries over to the next banner, with some banners offering unique counters.

Typically, two banners are presented continuously, each lasting for 2 weeks, after which they are replaced by new gachas featuring different operatives. Interestingly, during the first 10 attempts in all banners, you’re assured to obtain one 5-star fighter.


Once you navigate to the recruitment menu, you’ll notice several slots that unlock progressively as you meet the specified prerequisites. Clicking on the “Recruit Now” slot opens a window where you set the recruitment parameters. A timer at the top of this window lets you set the recruitment duration. For high-rarity operatives, it’s advisable to set the maximum possible period.

Then, there are ‘Tags’. Each operative is associated with unique tags, signifying their class, attack range, and primary ability directions. You’ll receive five random tags from which you can pick up to three that align with the operative you seek. There’s a catch though – the game might randomly invalidate one of your tags. However, this is less likely if you set the recruitment timer at 9 hours. With every new recruitment, the tags refresh.

If you stumble upon the “Senior Operator” and “Top Operator” tags, you’re in luck. The former tag guarantees a 5-star hero, while the latter secures a 6-star character.

Mastering the Art of Upgrading Operatives in Arknights

So, you’ve got your hands on some operatives in Arknights. Now, what’s next? It’s time to upgrade them. Let’s delve into the process of leveling up your heroes, enhancing their potential, and strengthening their skills.

Leveling Up

Contrary to expectations, heroes don’t gain experience from battles. The sole method to level them up is through XP cards. However, upgrading isn’t solely about the XP cards – you’ll also need LMD (Lungmen Dollars). The cost of leveling up rises with the amount of experience accrued. XP cards vary in value, with the more potent ones being more expensive and less frequent.


Once your operative has reached its maximum level, you can elevate their rank. This too, necessitates resources, with the recipes available in the Operator Menu. You can obtain all necessary resources either on maps or from the base room.

Raising an operator to Elite 1 resets their level to 1, but increases the level cap. Basic attributes improve, a new ability and talents emerge, and some warriors even gain increased attack range. However, the deployment cost also increases by 2 units. 3-star units have only 1 skill, which does not increase with elitization. Operatives with 1-2 stars can’t undergo elitization at all. 4 and 5-star heroes gain a second skill at Elite 1, while 6-star fighters acquire a third ability when promoted to Elite 2. Remember, the higher the star rating, the more costly the upgrade process becomes.


It’s increased through duplicate operatives or class-specific tokens. Your operatives’ potential can be enhanced five times, each increment providing characteristic bonuses that differ across classes.


These are enhanced using special “skill summary” books. Each skill level requires a different summary. The Operator menu provides the recipes for improving abilities. After reaching level 7, the final three levels can only be achieved in the base Gym. Note that 3-star units and below have a cap at level 7.

Importantly, improving an operative’s skills boosts the attributes of all their skills, meaning you don’t need to upgrade each skill individually. However, during battle, you can only utilize one ability, which you select before entering the map.

Understanding Operator Stats in Arknights

Getting to grips with the meaning of various operator stats is pivotal for effective gameplay in Arknights. Here’s a quick overview of what each statistic represents:

Symbol Name Description
Health Displays the current health points of the operator
⚔️ Attack (medics have a healing indicator) Represents the attack power your weapon possesses. Damage calculation takes into account the enemy’s armor, defense, and any active buffs or debuffs (such as reduced attack, increased defense, etc.)
🛡️ Protection Helps mitigate incoming physical damage
🧙 Magic Resist Lessens the impact of incoming magic damage
⏱️ Re-disembarkation time Specifies the duration for a fighter to reappear on the map post-strike
💰 Disembarkation cost Indicates the basic deployment cost (excluding any bonuses)
🚷 Number of units blocked Shows the number of enemy units an operator can block simultaneously
Attack speed Displays the number of strikes per minute
❤️ Trust A trust scale that elevates when the operator is utilized in battles and at the base. The higher the scale, the more significant the increase in characteristics

Understanding these stats will significantly improve your tactical prowess in the game, making your gameplay not only more strategic but also more rewarding.


How do I acquire high-rarity operatives in Arknights?

You can acquire high-rarity operatives through the Gacha system or recruitment. The Gacha system offers a chance to win a 6-star operative if you don’t acquire one within 50 attempts. The recruitment process involves setting parameters and tags that align with the operative you desire.

What does the ‘elitization’ process in Arknights entail?

Elitization is the process of raising the rank of an operative after they have reached their maximum level. It results in improved attributes, new abilities, and talents. Note, the deployment cost also increases, and the process varies based on the operative’s star rating.

How can I enhance an operative’s skills in Arknights?

Skills are enhanced using special “skill summary” books, with each skill level requiring a different summary. The recipes for improving abilities are found in the Operator menu. After reaching level 7, the remaining three levels can only be achieved in the base Gym.

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