Arknights Advanced Guide to defence Tower like a Pro

Arknights, a popular tower defense RPG game, has recently been creating quite a buzz in the mobile gaming world. With its standout attributes, it offers a refreshing change from the usual mobile games like PUBG clones and RPGs akin to Fate: GO. If you’re not already playing it, chances are, it has piqued your interest.

The key distinction this game holds from its contemporaries is the unique furry character ensemble, and the varied class roles that shift based on each map and scenario. This two-part guide aims to break down essential tips and characters to aid your gaming journey.

It’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with the game through its tutorial before diving into this comprehensive guide.

Embark on Story Missions Initially

For novices in Arknights, the advised strategy is to complete story missions as speedily as your Sanity points permit (the in-game energy meter). Besides the intriguing narrative, progressing through the story also unlocks certain game features and desirable rewards.

These rewards mainly include critical enhancements for the base-building system of the game and the weekly “Annihilation” missions, which yield the precious “Orundum” currency. This is employed for character headhunting gacha.

Formulate the Perfect Team with Your Current Gacha

Arknights successfully merges the conventional layout-centric approach of tower defense games with the progression and character-focused elements of RPGs. However, in contrast to some RPGs, a single overpowered character doesn’t necessarily guarantee a smooth team victory.

Every Role Holds Significance

Arknights strongly advocates for collective tactics and strategic positioning. Thus, it is essential for all team members to be competent and contribute their fair share. When elevating Operators, strive to balance your resources to advance one or two from each class of Operator initially.

Most missions will necessitate deploying multiples of each class. It would be unwise to enter a mission with an under-leveled unit being your only other option for a specific class.

Choose the Right Role for Promotion

While Arknights does lean towards a team-leveling approach for progression, promoting an Operator to their utmost potential can be a resource-intensive task. This holds especially true for high-rarity Operators, those of 5- and 6-Star categories.

Attaining Elite 2, the highest level cap, can consume days or possibly weeks of concentrated effort. Therefore, it’s crucial to contemplate the character’s stats, skills, and role in sync with your playstyle before initiating their journey towards Elite 2.

Understand the Distinction Between Yellow and Red Currencies

Arknights operates with two essential “premium” currencies.

The yellow gem, known as Originite Prime (OP), can only be acquired via microtransactions or upon the completion of missions for the first time. Primarily, it serves to purchase aesthetic skins from the shop and packs of upgrade resources. As it becomes increasingly challenging to obtain OP once you’ve advanced in the story, it is advisable to conserve it.

The red gems, known as Orundum, are primarily utilized for premium character gacha. It is possible to convert OP into Orundum for Headhunting rolls, though it’s recommended to only do so if you’re certain about rolling, as there’s no option to revert the conversion.

Accomplish Your Daily Tasks

Arknights presents a vast array of daily and weekly objectives, serving as the optimal path to resource maximization. Fulfilling these daily and weekly goals will yield substantial amounts of Orundum and other crucial resources. Thus, it’s beneficial to complete as many tasks as possible during your gaming sessions. As you assemble auto-deploy teams for your resource missions, the time invested in these tasks will gradually decrease.

Construct Your Base Strategically

In addition to tactical strategizing, Arknights offers a base-building and development system reminiscent of XCOM. It’s essential not to neglect base upgrades, as once constructed, these facilities will consistently generate a significant portion of the resources required for Operator upgrades.

Base enhancements also lead to the unlocking of recruitment slots, support slots, and other game systems. An ideal build often comprises a 4 – 2 – 3 configuration: 4 Factories, 2 Shipments, and 3 Power Plants for a fully-developed base.

This configuration is beneficial as, with 4 Factories, you generate enough gold to maintain a consistent supply for your shipments. While a 3 – 3 – 3 arrangement might lead to surplus orders, there could be a shortage of gold bars.

Having 3 Power Plants is necessary because when your ship is fully decked out, you’ll have just enough resources to operate efficiently.

Accumulate Lungmen Dollars Whenever Possible

In Arknights, Lungmen Dollars (LMD) constitute the primary in-game currency. The majority of the game’s upgrades require some amount of LMD. You can earn LMD by completing missions and selling resources generated by your base facilities.

Whenever an opportunity arises, accumulate a reserve of LMD, as upgrading high-end Operators can significantly deplete your in-game reserves. As a matter of fact, you’ll need to do this for your 12 favorite Operators.

Protip: Strive to complete the 5th mission, aimed at farming LMD, as swiftly as possible and make this a priority. Upon the completion of this mission, managing LMD should become more manageable. However, be cautious when auto-playing the game for your units to reach E1 or E2. Due to DP cost differences, autoplay might fail, necessitating a mission replay to secure a win.

Headhunt Additional Operators

Arknights provides several methods for recruiting new Operators, both free and paid (gacha).

The free method, known as “Recruitment,” involves using Lungmen Dollars and Recruitment Permits. This system employs a tag system to generate new Operators semi-randomly over time. It’s extremely rare to obtain a 5- or 6-star Operator through the Recruitment system, but it’s not unheard of, so perseverance is key!

Even if you’ve already gathered a sufficient number of low-rarity Operators, continue using your Recruitment passes daily. This is because recruiting duplicate characters can generate additional currencies used for shop purchases or tokens to enhance the copies you already possess.

Protip: To farm green/yellow certificates more rapidly, aim for tags guaranteeing 4-Star Operators (Debuff, Shift, Fast Redeploy). This will consistently yield 40 Green Certificates upon recruiting a duplicate and an additional Yellow Certificate if at max potential.

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