The Best 3-Star, 4-Star, and Free Operators for your Arknight Team

Want to know the ideal way to spruce up your Flash-based tower defense game with a sprinkle of sci-fi anime tropes? Simply add a significant dose of furry female empowerment!

Essentially, this formula encompasses the main allure of the mobile game Arknights, featuring a plentitude of female characters displaying strength and independence. Granted, the game has its share of male characters and a variety of anthropomorphic beasts, but the scales tip more towards a female-centric character roster. Regardless of the gender skew, these Operators excel at activities such as sniping adversaries from high vantage points, defending critical passageways, swiftly engaging in combat with impactful attacks, and casting area-of-effect spells while disrupting enemies with status debuffs.

The Best Arknight Team

However, the golden question remains: which character should you be on the lookout for? Which one should top your priority list during a gacha event featuring a host of 5 and 6-star units? And whom should you focus on if you’re not particularly lucky with gacha? To help you make these decisions, we present an Arknights tier list, at least for the last question.

Let’s be clear, possessing the best high-star units doesn’t guarantee a smooth gaming experience. The Operators have unique tasks assigned based on the specific map you’re engaged with. A balanced team composition is crucial, necessitating an appropriate blend of defenders, specialists, snipers, healers, and spellcasters.

Given this, our chosen selection of Operators ensures you have a solid base in one area. At least until you discover a superior 6-star substitute, which might take some time depending on your gacha fortune.


Role: Sniper (Anti-Air)

You get the opportunity to employ Jessica during your journey through Story Mode in E1. Among the free Operators, she stands out impressively. Jessica boasts potent attack enhancements that cement her usefulness in later stages, while also demonstrating remarkable defensive abilities, a rarity for a Sniper class.

The caveat? Jessica is easy to obtain, but this ease stems from the presence of superior snipers to promote to E2 instead of her. Surprisingly, even a 3-Star Kroos outshines her in terms of damage at equivalent levels. Nevertheless, Jessica maintains her worth for the most part, even though she’s often the subject of numerous tutorial jokes.


Role: Caster

Amiya, the face of this anthropomorphic extravaganza, serves as a valuable default unit for any team configuration. She ranks among the game’s superior single-target DPS casters. Keeping her equipped with attack buffs and planning for her E2 promotion will certainly keep you on a winning streak.

Her abilities are commendable, although her second and third skills, Spirit Burst and Chimera, activate under peculiar conditions. She becomes stunned after executing Spirit Burst and retreats following the use of Chimera.


Role: Defender

Step up to the plate with Cuora! This 4-star defender remains a vital asset even in the endgame, thanks to her Skill 2’s capacity to block 4 and her defensive potential. If you promote her to E2, her Defense Specialist skill rises from 6% to 12%.


Role: Specialist (Fast Redeploy)

If your strategy revolves around rapid early battlefield deployment, Gravel is your go-to catgirl. She receives a substantial defensive boost immediately upon her deployment. She’s straightforward to maximize potential for even lower DP cost, making her an ideal candidate for managing early enemy swarm assaults while you accumulate deployment points for your high-cost furry defenders.

However, ensure that you have other Operators to support her, as her solo capabilities are limited and her usefulness dwindles in the latter stages of a battle.


Role: Healer

Myrtle, this petite elf character, fits the mold of a Skill-DP-Recovery and Healing Vanguard. The primary virtues of Myrtle lie in the rapidity and efficiency of her DP recovery. Her ability to generate DP is so proficient that it puts many 6-Star Operators to shame. On the downside, she is unable to attack while using skills and is not particularly effective at restraining massive enemy waves.


Role: Healer

A single-target Medic who also has the potential for limited multi-target healing is a beneficial addition to any team, and Myrrh fulfills this role perfectly. Her skills, such as Dual Healing, Medic Field, and her First Aid Kit talent, are vital for ensuring the survival of your Operators.

The caveat? She’s burdened with lengthy skill cooldowns. This means you might need to deploy her early on or during mid-game when you have a sufficient number of defenders and vanguards.


Role: Sniper

Vermeil truly shines in situations requiring multi-targeting. Her second skill, Double Shot, allows her attacks to strike an additional target while also offering an attack buff. Combined with a reasonable SP cost and the Hunter’s Wisdom talent, she is well-suited for prolonged field engagement.

However, her health pool is relatively low, so ensuring her longevity will necessitate both utility and healing support.


Role: DPS

Among the mid-Star Vanguards, Vigna stands as a worthy choice. Designed for destruction, she boasts one of the highest attack stats among all Vanguards. Her skills (Attack Up 𝝱 & Hammer-On) further enhance her attack stats, and her unique talent introduces the possibility of critical attacks for burst damage.

Her sole shortcoming stems from her role: all DPS Vanguards can only hold a single enemy at bay. Other units and enemy waves will simply bypass her if she’s engaged with one adversary. Therefore, ensure she has solid backup from a capable Defender or other specialists.

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