Arknights Ultimate Starter Guide

Arknights, due to its undeniable success, has garnered a significant amount of appreciation from its growing community. Renowned for its distinctively appealing graphics and compelling classic tower defense gameplay, Arknights has rapidly carved a niche for itself. Yet, mastering this game can seem daunting at first, which is where this comprehensive guide packed with helpful tips and tricks comes in handy.

This beginner’s guide to Arknights is your key to improving your gameplay. We aim to elucidate every facet of the game, including advancing through the storyline, exploring different game modes, and maximizing the efficiency of your base. Furthermore, we’ll provide an extensive breakdown of the operator recruitment system, delving into the most beneficial choices, the distinct classes, and strategies to assemble the most potent team.

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Arknights Gameplay

Arknights skillfully amalgamates RPG and strategy components into a visually striking anime-style game. As an amnesiac Doctor from Rhodes Island, your mission is to combat an escalating infection and fend off an invasion. Assisted by your supervisor, Amiya, your responsibilities encompass recruiting Operators, training them, and deploying them on a multitude of missions to safeguard the innocent and fend off adversaries. Your primary goal is to prevent the city from being overrun by a relentless onslaught from an infected horde known as the Reunion.

While the game is solely in English, our Arknights beginner’s guide simplifies the gameplay, ensuring an effortless gaming experience. Additionally, Arknights’ captivating soundtrack adds to the game’s appeal. Its noteworthy free-to-play feature, in-depth lore, endearing characters, and strategic tower defense gameplay make this game irresistible to players.

Currency System

One crucial aspect to comprehend in Arknights is its unique currency system and its applications.

Name Icon Description LMD (Lugmen dollars) This game’s primary currency, essential for any form of upgrade. Orundums A currency primarily utilized for the recruitment of operators. Originiums The fundamental premium currency, sporadically awarded during free gameplay. This currency can be converted into Orundums if required for purchasing Operators or other diverse purchases.

Story Progression and Diverse Game Modes

Initially, in Arknights, your primary task is to advance through the story mode. As a beginner, it’s advisable not to obsess over securing three stars at every level immediately. As you make headway, feel free to farm stages for collecting resources as needed. Focus on progression, rather than perfection.

Throughout your journey in Arknights, you’ll unlock Operators organically as part of the storyline. Some of these Operators play a crucial role in your progression. This guide will outline the specifics of these Operators towards the end.

Handy Tip: In case your energy bar depletes and you wish to keep playing, it can be recharged using 1 Originum. It is advisable to use this feature judiciously, except for the sanity recovery provided by the game, as it is consumable for a maximum of 11 days.

Supply Mode

If you find yourself at a standstill in the story, it’s an indication to level up your Operators. To do so, you’ll need to improve their skills and promote them to elite status upon reaching their maximum level. This requires navigating the Supplies Mode, which provides a variety of modules for your convenience.

  • Tactical Drill: This module yields XP cards to award your Operators.
  • Aerial Threat: Useful for acquiring cards necessary for upgrading your Operator’s skills.
  • Resource Search: Primarily aids in boosting your base.
  • Tough Siege: Helpful for obtaining Shop Vouchers when required.
  • Cargo Escort: Essential for earning the main currency of the game, Lugmen Dollars.

Chips Mode

As you progress further in the game, promoting your Operators becomes critical. For this purpose, several modules are accessible within the Chips Mode. However, remember these modules are not available daily.

  • Unstoppable Charge: Facilitates earning tokens for Vanguards or Supports.
  • Fearless Protection: Yields tokens for Guards or Specialists.
  • Solid Defense: Provides tokens for Defenders and Medics.
  • Fierce Attack: Enables earning tokens for Casters and Snipers.

These modules allow your Operators to ascend to elite levels, enhancing their strength significantly. The game will introduce you to this concept aptly in due time (Episode 2, Stage 2-12).

Annihilation Mode: A Battlefield for the Brave

For those players who revel in battle, Annihilation mode provides an exciting platform with substantial rewards. One significant reward is an exclusive currency called Orundum, which is capped at 1,250 per week. This currency plays a vital role in recruiting Headhunts, which we will explore in detail later in this Arknights beginner’s guide.

Mission Boards: The Path to Rewards in Arknights

Prioritizing your missions can lead to an accelerated progression in the game. Completing missions regularly bestows upon you valuable rewards. An enticing potential reward includes a headhunter license, which enables you to recruit a character for free from the “Headhunt” section.

The Foundation of Arknights: Your Base

Arknights provides an excellent tutorial on managing your base. Fundamentally, your base is a resource generator that operates over time, consisting of the following components:

  • Control Center: The main hub of your base, responsible for expanding your base and augmenting production.
  • Trading Post: Essential for converting Gold obtained from the Factory into LMD and also for producing Originiums.
  • Factory: A manufacturing unit for creating diverse resources, such as Gold or XP cards. It works synergistically with the Trading Post.
  • Power Plant: Acts as your base’s energy supplier. Primarily used to enhance the base’s capabilities, complemented by drone regeneration.
  • Dormitory: A haven for your Operators to rejuvenate after a strenuous day. You can have up to three Dormitories in your base, which automatically restore your troops’ morale over time. You can also personalize your Dormitory to amplify the ambiance, thereby promoting faster regeneration for your Operators.
  • Workshop: Serves as a crafting station for items essential for upgrading your base and Operators.
  • Reception Room: An area for entertaining your in-game friends and earning credits in the Credit Store.
  • Office: A recruitment center that gains +1 simultaneous recruitment capability with each upgrade in the recruitment section.
  • Training Room: A future addition to your base, dedicated to training your Operators.

A Stroll Through the Store Tab

In your journey through Arknights, the Store tab becomes a hub for rewards at every 5 levels (levels 5, 10, 15, etc.). Maintaining a free-to-play approach, you can claim a free Pack at each of these milestones. Additionally, for just 5 Originiums, you can acquire the highly beneficial Pro Enhancement Pack, given its rich resources. Remember to grab the free skin for Fang from the Outfit Store section—it’s a delightful bonus!

Certificates: Rewards for Recruitment

Each Operator recruitment earns you commendations, which can be expended here. Additionally, you can farm Shop Vouchers to acquire resources that aren’t available via drops.

Furniture Store: Personalizing Your Base

The Furniture Store is instrumental in customizing your Dormitory within your base. Improving the ambiance of your Dormitory helps expedite the recovery of your Operators.

Credit Store: Gathering Daily Rewards

You can accrue credits by visiting allied bases or through daily rewards. Special offer items are particularly recommended due to their affordable rates. However, keep in mind the daily reset when accumulating your credits. Anything beyond the 300 credit limit will be forfeited.

Part Recruits in Arknights: The Art of Recruitment

This guide unveils the mysteries of recruiting Operators in Arknights—a process with a multitude of nuances. Opt for longer searches, lasting 9 hours, to increase the chances of securing rarer Operators. You can apply up to three tags to enhance the likelihood of targeted recruitment. For instance, if you’re aiming to improve Fang by securing a duplicate, tag your search with ‘Vanguard’ and ‘DP Recovery’. Don’t forget, you can refresh the tags for better combinations.

The Game of Headhunts

The “HeadHunts” tab represents another crucial aspect of recruiting Operators. This tool aids in the recruitment of substantial Operators as you advance in the game. At the onset, you can use the Orundum provided at the start of your adventure for Headhunts. Make sure to gather Orundum, particularly when you engage in the Annihilation mode.

Remember, this is the section where you can use the Headhunts Passes earned from completing daily missions, eliminating the need to spend the standard 600 Orundums for recruitment. If your luck seems thin in recruitment, consider riding the 3 or even 4-star Operators.

Mastering Operator Management

In the early stages, your best strategy is to utilize the free 3 or 4-star Operators you receive. While these Operators are simpler to develop, their utility tends to diminish as you delve deeper into your journey. Should you have invested Orundum in Headhunts, you may have chanced upon top-tier Operators of 5 or even 6 stars. These Operators, initially as powerful as weaker Operators, blossom into formidable assets once they achieve their elite level.

Note: An Elite tier exists for 2 and 3-star Operators, and two tiers for 4, 5, and 6-star Operators.

Your deck should ideally have 1 or 2 Operators from each class, depending on the stage requirements. For instance, a stage with heavily armored enemies might require 3 Casters over Snipers. Remember, all characters possess inherent characteristics, skills, and talents! Operators can be promoted and learn new skills, while duplicates of an Operator obtained during recruitment can boost their potential.

Classes in Arknights: A Rundown

Five classes form the backbone of your long-term progress in Arknights, with the rest being optional depending on the mission.


The first Operators to be deployed, Vanguards furnish Deployment Points (DPs), essential for deploying other units. They may generate DPs through kills or automatically upon being placed on the map, like Fang. Without Vanguards on the field, defeat is almost inevitable. However, towards the stage’s end, you can replace them with more substantial DPS if you have ample DPs.


Defenders serve as the game’s tanks, capable of blocking up to three enemies. They are typically placed behind the Vanguard to prevent enemy penetration. Their sub-classes include auto-healing, pure tank, or DPS, depending on your preference. Ideally, position your Defenders behind your Vanguards or adapt to the map layout.


Medics, as the designated caretakers, should be placed within reach of the Operators in need of care.


A must-have for dealing with airborne enemies, Snipers target these threats before focusing on ground enemies. Ensure you have at least one Mono-target Sniper and one AOE Sniper in your team. They also target grounded enemies, so no cause for alarm!


Casters deliver substantial magic damage, proving highly effective against enemy tanks or most bosses. Much like Snipers, you need two in your team—one single-target mage and another inflicting AOE damage.

Mastering Team Composition

Your team has room for up to 12 Operators, which can include one support unit borrowed from other players. Forming friendships in-game can aid you in this. An optimally composed team should have:

  • 2 competent Vanguards
  • 2 reliable Defenders (tanks)
  • 2 versatile Medics
  • 2 Snipers (one mono-target, one AOE)
  • 2 Casters (one mono-target, one AOE)

This leaves 2 slots open for you to fill as per your requirements and strategy.

Additionally, three more situational classes can enhance your team’s versatility:


Guards deliver substantial damage and possess impressive tanking capabilities in terms of hit points. There are numerous types of Guards, each with their specialties, including AOE, support, melee, magic damage, or even ranged. They offer robustness and versatility to your team.


Support units have the ability to slow down targets and inflict magic damage. Certain Supports can also summon creatures, buff allies, or debuff enemies, providing strategic benefits during combat.


Specialists are unique in that they can push, lure, or control enemies, proving particularly useful in specific scenarios. When the map includes pits, Specialists can easily dispose of troublesome adversaries, making them invaluable assets during such battles.

Essential Free Operators in Arknights

To conclude this Arknights beginner’s guide, here’s a list of key Operators that will prove very helpful in the initial stages of your journey:


Fang is a Vanguard that comes with a low deployment point cost, making her a valuable choice for early game stages. She automatically generates 6 deployment points every 30 charge points. Fang is a must-have and, fortunately, she is gifted to you at the start of the game.


Feather is another Vanguard that pairs well with Fang. Feather grants one deployment point every time she eliminates an enemy unit. Deploy her on the line that encounters the initial wave of attacks.


Melantha is a powerful guard for the early game and, best of all, she’s free. She is particularly recommended for early levels where she can deal substantial damage to foes with weak armor.


Hibiscus is your primary single-target healer at the onset of the game. She is incredibly useful, but you may want to replace her if you manage to recruit a superior Medic later on.

In conclusion, it’s worth noting that Arknights is purely a PvE (Player vs Environment) game that can be played free-to-play without any pressure. There’s no PvP (Player vs Player) component, which means you can progress at your own pace based on how much time you want to invest in the game.

Above all, this Arknights guide is meant to help you navigate the game with more ease and understanding, providing you with the main principles to intelligently progress through your journey in Arknights.


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